Technical consultancy for the famous talent show (from 2011 to present)

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The Voice The Voice

THE VOICE is a musical show that doesn't really need introducing. The worldwide success, which is based on a Dutch format (Talpa), conquered the globe and had the masses raving in a flash. Very soon, it also landed itself a prime time spot on "La Une", to the joy of both the music aficionados and the most trained ears in town.

In collaboration with the RTBF's new media team, DASMUSE helped develop the show's web universe by implementing a complex, online talent-recruiting tool.

The first phase of this tool features an application that allows candidates, with the help of a specific analyser, to analyse several aspects of their voice. Scores out of ten are then awarded and show candidates in real time if their dream to take part in The Voice can come true.

  • Client : RTBF
  • Made with our friends from : RTBF Development Team